The Hammarlund Historian

The Hammarlund.info site is currently being re-constructed, as of March, 2014.

Due to circumstances beyond our control The Hammarlund Historian site went down several years ago.  We had been working, slowly,  to reconstruct the site and information, but have renewed our efforts now.

  One of the last additions to the "old" website was the SP-600 Compendium compared by Perry Sandeen.  It has now been uploaded to allow your access to this great resource.

Click here to download part 1,  6.6 mb

Click here to download part 2,  5.7 mb

If you'd like to get a look at the website as it's being reconstructed, click here --   ENTER
we know that there are some glitches, some pages are not up-to-date. We'll keep after things.


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