We hope to provide sources of Hammarlund related parts and service here.  We have no commercial interest in any of these, and don't imply that we have included all possible sources.  We are glad to add any additional information as it becomes available.

   At this time, Dec, 2016, this list is far from what we would desire, watch for additions  -  suggestions welcomed.  Several sources have dropped out of sight since the last update.  If no one informs us of bad links, we cannot fix them.

revised Dec. 19, 2016  (Gary Brown - new info, Al Link & Hank Arney - both deceased)


Please note that most Hammarlund specific parts are no longer manufactured.  There are some surplus suppliers that may have some used parts available, and occasionally even new old stock parts.  Also some people "part out" un-restorable units and offer parts for sale.   Some such sources are:

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